Ability-Counselling and Training Ltd
ACN: 614 888 087
ABN: 49 614 888 087
...Supporting Rural Communities
Ability-Counselling and Training Ltd is a registered Not-For-Profit company. 
It is a recovery oriented mental health practice, assisting the individual in their environment.  Ability-Counselling and Training Ltd works in, and with, the community toward relieving the poverty, distress or disadvantage of individuals or families.
Audience:  The team at Ability-Counselling and Training Ltd are experienced in working with individuals from teenage to elderly.
Counselling:Ability-Counselling and Training Ltd provides professional and confidential individual counselling services with the aim of reducing distress and enhancing emotional well being.  
Training: We provide programmes specific to community needs. Training is available to two cohorts  
Criminogenic (Behaviour) Programmes - are tailored to those whose behaviours may see them become at risk of entering or re-entering the Criminal Justice System,
Community Education programmes - are tailored to general community issues, providing education and information sessions specific to relieving distress and disadvantage.

Employee Assistance  (EAP):  Ability-Counselling and Training Ltd is an Employee Assistance Provider (EAP) for employers on the Tablelands.  Assistance is tailored to the workplaces' needs, including confidential staff counselling, and group professional development.

Ability-Counselling and Training Ltd provides training programmes through funding provided by community grants.  Counselling associated with a funded programme is inclusive.  
Individual counselling is user pays (discussed at time of making appointment), with future movement toward Medicare funded counselling options. 
Employee Assistance Provider counselling and training is met by the employer by way of contractual agreement.