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Our staff at Ability-Counselling and Training Ltd have worked in the community services sector for over 25 years.  We have supported individuals to recognize and take responsibility for their own recovery and well being. We assist them to define their goals, wishes and aspirations working toward recovery and a more resilient life. We use cognitive behaviour therapy through a range of approaches including strengths based and person-centered approaches.

Our aim is to improve a person's quality of life, reduce the individual's risk to themselves or others, and aid problem-solving.    

Our engagement includes working with individuals who suffer distress from life events utilizing various counselling techniques to improve their life situation.  Our work also includes interventions for mental health recovery working with those living with mental health disorders, and those who are, or at risk of becoming a forensic mental health client.

We provide counselling and group programmes for men and women aimed at assisting the individual take responsibility for their future, enabling their change through developing their own abilities.  Our staff have worked in a variety of areas including counselling, drug and alcohol, violence and domestic violence.

Ability-Counselling and Training undertakes research and development projects to address community needs.  Emphasis is placed on research to assist with reducing the potential for engagement with the Criminal Justice System.