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 Parenting - 

This 20 week intensive programme is a tertiary category intervention aimed at meeting the needs of DOCS clients.  It encompasses offending, lifestyle, communication skills, coping strategies, lifespan development, and development of pro-social skills, in the context of a healthy family environment.  The programme involves weekly 3hr group sessions and individual weekly follow up counselling.  Follow up at 6 and 12 months is also conducted.

Aim - reconnect fathers to children removed by DOCS.

Men's Change & Grow - 

This 10 week programme brings relationship counselling to a different level for the DV perpetrator.  It facilitates perpetrators identifying offending behaviours; re-training in communication and relationship skills; and coping strategies enabling healthy relationships.

Aim – redefine relationships for DV perpetrators -> reducing family trauma

Surfing the Urge -

This 6 week programme looks at retraining the substance abuser's addiction providing knowledge in healthy lifestyles, risks, coping strategies, effects of addiction on self and others, and managing addictions.  It facilitates the addict in identifying ineffective relapse prevention, working toward an independent lifestyle.

Aim – redefine the addict’s thinking