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OMG! My kids are on drugs!

This 1 day (8hour) session provides information to parents regarding behaviours associated with the use of drugs.  It facilitates parents to be active participants in reducing the risk of their children becoming involved with drugs, identifying behaviours of their children which indicate drug use, and discusses underlying reasons for taking drugs.  Parents are encouraged to formulate support networks for themselves, and their children at peer level, enabling a supportive environment for children at risk of, or who are, using drugs.

Aim – provide information to support parents / carers

Living with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome 

This 3 hour interactive information session provides parents and carers with information regarding developmental issues experienced by the FAS child. Foetal Alcohol Syndrome may go undetected in children until school age. At this time, the child is diagnosed with learning difficulties.  For families caring for children who are affected by foetal alcohol syndrome, their behaviours can be draining.  In recognizing these issues, participants are encouraged to develop support networks at peer level, enabling a supportive environment for the children and the family of the child with FAS.

Aim – provide information and support to parents and carers of FAS children.

Teenage Suicide - From Birth to Adolescence

This 3 hour information session provides parents, carers, and interested community members, with information regarding the turmoil of the adolescent, and self harm and suicidal behaviours.  The lifespan of individual to adolescence is discussed, in the context of protective and risk factors for self harm and suicidal behaviours.  In recognizing these issues, implementing protective factors are discussed for community awareness - from birth to adolescence.  Information and support is the key to the session - by providing knowledge and support comes strength in others to change and provide support.  

Aim -enable a self-sufficient network in the community - 'keeping our kids safe'