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Ability-Counselling and Training Ltd appreciates your donation to assist us in our continued service to rural communities.

Your donation will be used to assist in:

* supplementing counselling fees to assist in cost reduction to the client

* delivery of community education sessions, aiding in community support and collaboration

*  development and delivery of behavioural programmes, which will support individuals in their management of mental health issues, reducing their risk of engagement with the Criminal Justice System, and increasing safety to the community

*  providing hands on support to those in the community who are experiencing difficulty in managing their mental health - increasing safety to the community, and reducing the client's risk of engagement with the Criminal Justice System

*  subsidizing accommodation to support those reintegrating into the community from periods of disengagement due to behaviours caused through their mental health condition

* researching mental health issues which cause distress to community cohesiveness, and developing collaborative approaches for remediation


By Mail:

PO Box 1166, Mareeba Q 4880

(please make cheque/money order payable to 'Ability-Counselling and Training Ltd')

(please include a return address, and your name, so we can forward you your tax invoice)

Direct to our National Australia Bank:

Branch:             Mareeba

BSB:                 084-797

Account:           97-620-0418

Account Name:  Ability-Counselling and Training Ltd

***  To receive your receipt / tax invoice ***

Please email us with your receipt number, and we will forward you your tax invoice.

(We can only provide you with a tax invoice, if you email us)


You may stipulate which area of service to which you wish to donate, and we will allocate your donation for that purpose. 

If you do not wish to stipulate, Ability-Counselling and Training Ltd will utilise your donation ethically in its allocation to a service.

* Counselling

* Community Education delivery

* Behavioural Programme delivery

* Hands on Support

* Supported Accommodation

* Research and development