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Ability-Counselling and Training Ltd is an Employee Assistance Provider.  

Research has shown that a healthy workplace is much more efficient than an unhealthy one (Wojcik, 2009).  Health can be physical health, and psychological health.  An organisation who provides opportunities for their staff to maintain both physical and psychological health and well-being, will be much more productive.  Therefore, by engaging Ability-Counselling and Training as your Employee Assistance Provider, various strategies can be worked through with you as the Employer to assist with your staff's health and well-being.

We meet with the Employer to determine specific needs for their organisation, determining staff needs - both at a personal level and an organisational level.  

Organisational development is able to be tailored for all staff - from base level staff to management.   

Counselling is available for individual staff, confidentially, and may or may not be work related.  By staff being able to address work, home or general life events confidentially, these events may be less likely to impact their work, leading to a more fulfilling life and career.

Distance need not be an object for employers to provide their staff with support and development. Individual's sessions are able to be conducted face to face or by skype (negotiated through contractual arrangements).

No Employer is too big or too small.  Contractual arrangements are able to be discussed to best suit the need and finances of your business.

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Wojcik, J. (2009) Unhealthy Employees Cut Productivity Study Finds.  Workforce Management Online, May 2009